business of sustainability

The business of sustainability

More and more companies are deciding to adopt ecologically sustainable policies in order to promote efficiency, stimulate growth, and boost their market position. In “The business of sustainability“, Sheila Bonini, a senior consultant at Mc Kinsey, lays out some of the strategies that companies employ to pursue sustainability objectives, and some of the consequential benefits.

ray anderson

Ray Anderson – The business logic of sustainability

How much does it pay to be green? Perhaps we can find out with the help of Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, the company that has been making carpeting for decades. Aside from fresh designs and innovative products, Flor has a deep commitment to sustainability — exemplified by its Mission Zero plan. Flor has increased sales and doubled profits […]

Cavity wall insulation

Green materials for buildings

You can learn more about green building design and the use of eco materials through the course provided by ENEA. To access ENEA free online courses, you should register on the ENEA site. After registering, log in and search for the “Materiali ecocompatibili per l’edilizia” course in the  e-learning section . The course is available in Italian.