MR Energy collaborates with a range of organizations and institutions that share a total commitment to tackling, through training and knowledge sharing, the environmental emergencies afflicting our times. The partnership between MR Energy Academy and the GHG Management Institute, that has been dedicated to training professionals and experts from NGOs, institutions and companies since 2007, led to the birth of first course on GHG management, accounting, reporting and auditing taught in Italian. ghg_logo_1 The GHG Management Institute is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Gillenwater, Gao Pronove, and Tom Baumann in 2007 with the support of ClimateCHECK, Greenhouse Gas Experts Network, Earth Council Geneva, GoVida and e-Learning. It is a world leader in the training of professionals working in the carbon management field, and provides principles, methodologies and tools for the accounting and management of greenhouse gas emissions.