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W02 – Introduction to carbon management

Voluntary carbon disclosure programs are becoming a widespread practice with the added benefit of consolidating a company’s image. The increase in public concern over climate change represents one of the main drivers for companies to reduce the carbon intensity of their production. The main topics of the workshop, usually taught in a whole day, are:

  • Standards and voluntary programs
  • International best practice and sector benchmarks
  • Inventory of ghg emissions
  • setting targets and identification of measure to reduce ghg emissions
  • monitoring systems and performance indicators
  • development of a carbon policy
  • further steps to improve carbon policy: LCA, EPD and water footprint

Participants will be required to do a starting test and will receive an attendance certificate. Duration and contents can be customised and adapted according to any individual’s needs.

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  • Marco Zanetto
  • Mauro Roglieri
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