A Symphony for Energy: CO2 in goods

Starting from an analysis of ineffectiveness of Emission Trading Scheme, whose birth and development are well described and detailed in the first part of the book, the author proposes the incorporation of CO2 in consumed goods whereas than in production processes, in order to give a solution to the common and widespread distorted belief of […]

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Creating sustainable corporations

What does sustainable economic development mean? and what are the main tools that companies can utilize in order to hit sustainability targets while making profit? In Creating sustainable corporations, Paul Shivastava and Stuart Harts guide readers through fundamental concepts such as “total environmental performance” and “sustainable organization design”. Click here to learn more about this topic. On Paul Shivastava’s website you can find […]

green and competitive

Green and competitive

Michael Porter is a leading authority on competitive strategy and the competitiveness and economic development of nations, states, and regions, as well as a professor at Harvard Business School. Together with Claas van der Linde, Porter explains how a reduction in ecological impact can translate into an increase in resource productivity, which in turn can create a competitive advantage. Click […]

business of sustainability

The business of sustainability

More and more companies are deciding to adopt ecologically sustainable policies in order to promote efficiency, stimulate growth, and boost their market position. In “The business of sustainability“, Sheila Bonini, a senior consultant at Mc Kinsey, lays out some of the strategies that companies employ to pursue sustainability objectives, and some of the consequential benefits.