Here below is a list of topics expanded on by MR Energy Academy. Climate_ChangeClimate Change  Knowing the causes of climate change is a fundamental part of fully understanding this phenomenon, but why is it so important that companies and organizations act now to reduce their GHG emissions? You can find out more about this topic through Al Gore’s “Lecture”, IPCC reports and other contributions from specialists committed to spreading and sharing their knowledge in order to further the fight against climate change. Sustainable_DevelopmentSustainable Development  Nowadays several economic models that ensure growth and welfare, while respecting the environment, are becoming more and more widespread. Internationally renowned economists, such as Jeffrey Sachs, give us their personal interpretation of sustainable development and explain just how this growth model can be adopted and implemented by companies and Institutions. GHG_ManagementGHG emissions Management In order to implement efficient emissions-reduction strategies, companies and institutions need to know the main methodologies of GHG emissions management: How to define a GHG organizational inventory, How to calculate the benefits of emissions reductions resulting from renewable energy projects and energy efficiency strategies, How to forecast future scenarios and to monitor results in real time. The online courses developed in partnership with GHG Management Institute and many other online resources can help you to understand these issues and aquire the proper tools to manage them. Cavity wall insulationEnergy efficiency  Energy consumption for heating and lighting systems, engines and industrial machinery represent the primary sources of GHG emissions. Is it possible to consume less? What, if any, technologies for energy savings exist? Green_BuildingGreen Building Buildings represent a sector that has a huge impact on primary energy consumption. Most of the time, mechanical systems installed in buildings are not efficient. Construction techniques, materials used and site locations are significant factors in the energy and environmental performance of buildings. Together with our partners, we provide you with the knowledge and techniques to design, build and manage buildings that respect the environment.