Emissions Trading: reduced allocation of free allowances for new entrants

The European Commission adopted new measures to implement the judgment issued last April 2016 by the Court of Justice. As reported in our previous article, the judgment had invalidated the cross-sectoral correction factor (CSCF) used to allocate free allowances from 2013 to 2020 to stationary installations in the scope of EU-ETS, granting 10 months to […]


The Salt of the Earth

Wim Wenders signs a masterpiece documentary on the life of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, collecting documents and videos along his career, exploring the human path that led the photographer to conceive and develop the Genesis project. A film that leads us to tune with the artist’s reflections, questioning ourselves about the nature of man, […]


MR Energy Academy is on-line

Venice, 8th July 2014 Starting from today, it’s online MR Energy Academy, the training and educational platform created by MR Energy Systems that offers online specialized courses and other training activities for professionals operating in energy and environmental sustainability field. The platform presents a wide collection of source materials, cataloged in virtual ‘shelfs‘ and commented […]

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Product Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint is a great way for companies to show off their dedication to environmental performance beyond mere greenwashing mechanisms, with the added bonus of improving energy efficiency and cost reduction. The Product Carbon Footprint describes the sum of greenhouse gas emissions accumulated during the full life cycle of a product in a specified application. The product carbon […]


An update on Climate Change by CMCC

In this video (in Italian), published by the experts of CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change), an alarming overview of Climate Change evidence and expected trends is very clearly presented and commented. If GHG emissions are not curbed decisively by 2030, it will be very difficult to keep the average annual earth temperature increase below 2°C; a trend which threatens ever more dire consequences for our […]


Environmental Management Systems

The adoption of environmental management systems (EMS) provides the framework for the implementation of corporate policies and programs aimed at organizational protection from environmental risks. This practice has been growing tremendously in recent years, both among national and multinational companies. Firms that decide to introduce an environmental management system usually comply with their industry standards, such as […]


GHG Inventory

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have introduced several measure for GHG emission accounting and management. The main benefits achieved thanks to the introduction of these measures are: environmental impact reduction compliance with new legislative measures on National and European Level an increase in energy efficiency cost reduction due to a more rational use of […]