The Salt of the Earth

Wim Wenders signs a masterpiece documentary on the life of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, collecting documents and videos along his career, exploring the human path that led the photographer to conceive and develop the Genesis project. A film that leads us to tune with the artist’s reflections, questioning ourselves about the nature of man, as the troubled Salgado during his earlier experiences as a war photographer, and which have gradually led him to the desire of representing our purest origins, the origins of nature and our planet, documenting those places, unfortunately fewer and fewer, where nature can still be seen without the heavy footprints left by man.

But the film, like the Genesis project, is not only a strong denounce: it does contain an important example of how to reverse this process. The story of the Institute Terra, an extraordinary project that has brought back to life a degraded land measuring some ​​7,000 hectares, inside the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. This initiative isa living example, demonstrating that the mistakes of the past, albeit with great effort, can be corrected and there can be a rebirth. Salgado has indeed realized that the only way to reverse course is the direct involvement of each one of us, which necessarly passes through the deep understanding of the damage that our choices can cause, but then moves on to the study and implementation of projects that will offer a remedy.

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